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BDWCA - The British Decoy  & Wildfowl Carvers Association - The Association for Bird Carving

BDWCA Virtual Competition 2020

The entries were judged at Class level (Advanced, Intermediate and Novice) in an online judging session and announced on Saturday 12th September 2020, the day we would have been judging at Bakewell.


The winners were:-


Advanced Class

1st - Loki, Lanner Falcon  by Maggie Port

2nd - Carolina Wood Duck Drake by Chriss Rose

3rd - Greenshank, full size by David Askew


Intermediate Class

1st - Owl and mouse, full size, in lime on rippled sycamore glove by Alex Garfield

2nd - Red Tail Hawk, full size by Ken Newbitt

3rd - Woodcock, 80% life size by Derek Black


Novice Class

1st - Long Tailed Tits on fat balls by Alan Tadman

2nd - Diving Kingfisher by Alan Martin

Joint 3rd - Stylized Nuthatch (carved from one piece of ash) by Ivan Morgan



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The BDWCA Annual Competition is open to all members and forms part of the annual National Bird Carving ­Championships, ‘The ­Festival of Bird Art’, held in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Since 2001 this event has hosted the British Championship, specifically for advanced carvers and open to BDWCA members and non-members of the Association.   

The 2021 Show will be held on the 11th and 12th September 2021

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